Price and Computation - Victoria Sports Tower Monumento

Important: The computations below reflects the recent price increase we had last JANUARY 6. Prices found in other websites and on facebook may be invalid, please refer to this page for updated prices of Victoria Monumento.
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The current price of a single unit at Victoria Sports Tower Monumento now starts at Php. 3,057,576 Million or Php. 8,284 a month downpayment for 6 years, every single unit can be combined up to 7 adjacent units next to each other to form a large unit priced at around Php. 23.8 Million. At the project's launch last August 2020, the prices were just at Php. 2.8 Mil or Php. 7,400/mo down payment for 6 years.


The average size of a single unit is 25.49 sqm (balcony inclusive) so you can combine two, to get two bedrooms (50.98 sqm), or combined three units for 3 bedrooms (76.47), and so on up to 7 combined units (178.43 sqm)

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Option 1: Studio Unit - Studio or Provision for 1 BR
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Option 2: Upsized - Provision for 1 BR
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Option 3: Combined - Provision for 2 BR
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Option 4: Triple Combined - Provision for 3 BR  
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Studio Unit with balcony - 25.49 sqm

Studio or Provision for 1 Bedroom

Starts at Php. 3,466,000 or 9,420 a month

Upsized Unit with balcony - 47.47 sqm

Provision for 1 Bedroom

Starts at Php. 5,075,000 or 13,900 a month

1 Bedroom unit Floor plan

Combined Unit with 2 balconies - 50.98 sqm

Provision for 2 Bedrooms

Starts at Php. 6,794,000 or 18,450 a month

Triple Combined with 3 balconies - 76.47 sqm

Provision for 3 Bedrooms

Starts at Php. 10,191,900 or 27,690 a month

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