Price and Computation - Victoria Sports Tower Monumento

Important: The computations below reflects the recent price increase we had last JANUARY 6.
Please be guided accordingly.


The price of a single unit at Victoria Sports Tower Monumento starts at Php. 3.1 Million, every single unit can be combined up to 7 adjacent units next to each other to form a large unit priced at around 21 Million.


The average size of a single unit is 25.49 sqm (balcony inclusive) so you can combine two, to get two bedrooms (50.98 sqm), or combined three units for 3 bedrooms (76.47), and so on up to 7 combined units (178.43 sqm)

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Option 1: Studio Unit - Studio or Provision for 1 BR
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Option 2: Upsized - Provision for 1 BR
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Option 3: Combined - Provision for 2 BR
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Option 4: Triple Combined - Provision for 3 BR  
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Studio Unit with balcony - 25.49 sqm

Studio or Provision for 1 Bedroom

Starts at Php. 3,120,000 or 8,500 a month

Upsized Unit with balcony - 47.47 sqm

Provision for 1 Bedroom

Starts at Php. 4,570,000 or 12,480 a month

1 Bedroom unit Floor plan

Combined Unit with 2 balconies - 50.98 sqm

Provision for 2 Bedrooms

Starts at Php. 6,116,00 or 16,600 a month

Triple Combined with 3 balconies - 76.47 sqm

Provision for 3 Bedrooms

Starts at Php. 9,173,000 or 25,000 a month

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